• 14 jan 2018


    As part of its third year of implementation, CinEd is organizing jointly with its Bulgarian partner a cooperation meeting which will bring together in Sofia, from 14 to 18 January 2018, the 10 partners of the project for 4 days of collaborative work around the two following axes: the preparation of an annual report on the work carried out, and the preparation of the application for the European Creative / MEDIA program of the European Union.

    On the occasion of the presidency of Bulgaria at the Council of the European Union, a round table on "Cinema and Arts Education at School in Bulgaria and Europe" is organized on 17 January at the Institut français of Bulgaria. The meeting will bring together and will involve alongside actors and European partners of CinEd Mr. Eric Lebedel, Ambassador of France in Bulgaria, Mr. Kamen Balkanski, Director of the Media Desk of Creative Europe Bulgaria as well as the Bulgarian director Petar Valchanov and several teachers engaged in film education in Bulgaria.

  • 07 déc 2017

    CinEd invited to the European Culture Forum in Milan (7-8 December)

    CinEd  is invited this year to participate in the European Forum for Culture, a flagship event organized twice a year by the European Commission to enhance the visibility of cooperation to bring together the main actors in the cultural sectors and discuss EU cultural policy and initiatives. Its 2017 edition will mark the official launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 devoted to common cultural goods and all their aspects.

    As part of the "Films of the Past for the future of film" session, CinEd will present the specificity of its comparative and progressive pedagogy. An approach that aims to raise awareness and train young people in European cinema from the dialogue between heritage films and contemporary creation within its film collection.


  • 09 oct 2017


    The European cinema education program for young people aged 6 to 19 and their educators in Europe, CinEd, opens its third year of existence with a co-operation seminar in Lisbon, starting on 9 October.

    Around 28 persons from 8 partner countries, experienced trainers, teacher’s representatives and professionals from the film industry, will assist to those days of intense and collaborative work and research about cinema education best practices.

    Cooperation meeting and workshops, prepared by Institut français (pilot project), La Cinémathèque française (pedagogical coordinator) and Os Filhos de Lumiere (our portuguese partner) will consist in training and concertation dedicated to CinEd programme’s implementation in all its aspects.

  • 09 oct 2017

    Joaquim Pinto, director of "Uma pedra no bolso" during the Kick meeting in Lisbon

    The 9th October, during the CinEd public session, a class of young portuguese accompanied by their teacher joined the Kick off to discover with partners and experts, Uma Pedra no Bolso, a film from the CinEd collection and to exchange with its director Joaquim Pinto.

    The screening was followed by many questions : 
    • how was the desire of this film born, 
    • how were the actors chosen, 
    • how was the dance scene turned, 
    • was there a precise scenario, 
    • why this music?

    At the end of the session, a young person questioned Joaquim Pinto: "But this film came out in theaters? Because if you make a trailer of this film I think it will be very interesting to show! Young people, they will love it ... For me it is a great film ; I liked it! "

    The debate continued with professionals interventions and came to an end with a warm thanks from Joaquim Pinto: « I thank CinEd for choosing this film from so many possibilities, I am extremely pleased that this program allowed it to be reviewed today by young people. Otherwise it could have completely fell into oblivion ».

  • 10 oct 2016

    Partnership meeting in Bari (Italy)

    Partenaires de coopération et experts associés, une trentaine de collaborateurs de CinEd se sont retrouvés du 30 janvier au 4 février 2017 à Bari (Italie) pour 5 journées de travail collaboratif, notamment pour concevoir des fiches d'activité pédagogiques destinées aux jeunes, développer des modèles de formation et des outils d’évaluation du programme. Le deuxième volet de cette rencontre était dédié au bilan des activités - remise du rapport de synthèse de l’année 1 et point d’étape sur le travail de chaque partenaire depuis septembre 2016 – ainsi qu’aux stratégies de déploiement du programme 2018-2020 en vue de préparer la candidature de la troisième année de CinEd (dépôt de la candidature au programme Europe Créative / MEDIA de l’Union européenne début mars 2017).