A collection of European films

The CinEd collection includes 19 films (fiction, documentaries, feature-length and short films) selected for young audiences (ages 6 to 19). The films are representative of each country in the programme and reflect the diversity and distinctiveness of European cinema. These are heritage, recent and  independent films, major films or directorial debuts. Those works represent key moments when cinema reinvented itself and was rejuvenated.

Each film was carefully chosen, not just for its own qualities, but also for the connections and/or contrasts that could be made with the other films in order to enrich educational activities with young audiences.

All of these films are primarily relevant for young audiences and intended to spark a conversation with them, even though they were not specifically conceived for a young audience originally. They offer openings onto specific places and eras, carving out common trajectories in European history and values, as well as artistic movements that are crossing and have crossed the continent. They tell coming-of-age stories and depict rites of initiation, at the age of a child’s first discoveries or a teenager’s first adult decisions.

Pedagogical Tools

Files for mediators

Based on a single template and written by film critics from each participating country, these presentation files are 28 to 32 pages long and contain :

  • multiple entries about the film (thematic, historical, artistic, technical)
  • analyses on different scales (images, shots, sequences)
  • a comparative approach (connections between the film and other films, images, works of arts, etc.) 
  • as well as many pedagogical pathways in order to develop and enhance activities with a young audience before or after the screening

Cross-sectional Thematic Videos 

7 cross-sectional videos were prepared by La Cinémathèque française. They organize excerpts from films in the collection around themes and motifs in order to facilitate comparison and analysis.

These videos are 15 minutes long and are available in several languages, with presentation sheets (also translated) to guide teachers and mediators in introducing young people to film analysis. 


The CinEd programme thus asks mediators and teachers to implement a genuine educational pathway for each student, so that they may discover several films from different European countries over the course of the year, ideally three or more. The pedagogical tools and methodology provided to accompany the screenings highlight connections between the films in the collection in order to encourage comparison and incite students to see other films in the collection.

CinEd is designed for a large range of participants: teachers from all specialities and levels, cultural mediators, and cinema and audiovisual professionals who want to work towards building European culture and educate young people about European cinema.

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