European Cinema Education for Youth

"CinEd is a European cooperation programme dedicated to cinema education.
Its objective is to help the greatest possible number of European youths aged 6 to 19 discover European cinema. "
"CinEd aims at providing privileged access to European cinema and its wealth of films, and to teach young people about its cultural and linguistic diversity, developing their critical analysis skills and learning cinematographic techniques and language. Created and launched by the Institut français in Paris, this comprehensive programme is supported by 10 partners from 8 European countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Finland, France, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic), all involved in cinema education."

"The mission of CinEd is to welcome new beneficiaries, associated relays as well as new partners from other countries every year, in order to develop and enhance its collection of European films, reach as many young people as possible, and become a long-lasting programme. "

CinEd is co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe/MEDIA programme.

CinEd proposes

  • A digital platform to organize public screenings 
  • A collection of European films selected for a young audience
  • Teaching materials to accompany the screenings​
  • Trainings and activities with young people

CinEd key figures

Spring 2016

29 trainings in 6 countries

737 mediators and teachers trained

60 screenings in 36 cities

5,605 young Europeans reached in less than 3 months

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  • 14 Jan 2018

    CinEd à Sofia pour le rendez-vous de l’éducation au cinéma en Europe

    Dans le cadre de sa 3ème année de mise en œuvre, CinEd organise conjointement avec son partenaire bulgare un meeting de coopération qui réunira à Sofia, du 14 au 18 Janvier 2018, les dix partenaires du projet pour quatre journées de travail collaboratif autour des deux axes suivants : la réalisation d’un bilan annuel sur le travail réalisé, et la préparation de la candidature au programme Europe Créative / MEDIA de l’Union européenne.

    A l’occasion de la présidence de la Bulgarie au Conseil de l’Union européenne, une table ronde sur « Le cinéma et l’éducation artistique à l’école en Bulgarie et en Europe » est organisée le 17 Janvier à l’Institut français de Bulgarie. La rencontre réunira et fera intervenir aux côtés des acteurs et partenaires européens de CinEd Monsieur Eric Lebedel, ambassadeur de France en Bulgarie, Monsieur Roumen Dimitrov, vice-ministre de la Culture en Bulgarie, Monsieur Kamen Balkanski, directeur du Media Desk d’Europe Créative Bulgarie ainsi que le réalisateur bulgare Petar Valchanov et plusieurs enseignants engagés dans l’éducation au cinéma en Bulgarie. 

  • 07 Dec 2017

    CinEd invited to the European Culture Forum in Milan (7-8 December)

    CinEd  is invited this year to participate in the European Forum for Culture, a flagship event organized twice a year by the European Commission to enhance the visibility of cooperation to bring together the main actors in the cultural sectors and discuss EU cultural policy and initiatives. Its 2017 edition will mark the official launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 devoted to common cultural goods and all their aspects.

    As part of the "Films of the Past for the future of film" session, CinEd will present the specificity of its comparative and progressive pedagogy. An approach that aims to raise awareness and train young people in European cinema from the dialogue between heritage films and contemporary creation within its film collection.


CinEd in action with young people

Discover films and discuss them, describe and compare excerpts, apply cinema to real life…

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